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LeftRoots Compas are politically committed supporters who contribute financially and engage in a growing set of LeftRoots programs in order to help rebuild the US Left. While LR members (the ‘cadre’) complete an extensive recruitment process and agree to high participation expectations once they join, LR Compas can join online and participate in programs within their interest and capacity.

The national network of LeftRoots Compas has been essential to our growth from the beginning, and in 2019 we are expanding ways to get involved, as the opportunities to renew the Left grow in these times.

People who are not Compas can support LeftRoots, too!

Becoming a compa is not the only way to support LeftRoots. Even small, one-time contributions make a huge difference for an independent Left organization still very much on fawn’s legs. If you want to contribute, but can’t do so monthly, please consider making a one-time donation today.


A LeftRoots Compa:

  • Agrees with our Points of Unity;
  • Commits to an annual or monthly contribution to provide a steady and reliable foundation for LeftRoots in its efforts to figure out what it means to be a socialist in 21st century America;
  • Fills out the Compa online sign-up form and makes an initial contribution, which can be monthly or annual.

LeftRoots Compa programs:

  • Compa Study Program, "Tools for Rebuilding the Left"
    Inspired by our annual General Baker Bootcamp for prospective members, this online program provides a short but intensive opportunity to engage in collective study of ideas we see as core to the rebuilding of a deeply rooted and strategic socialist left in the US. Led by LR members, the study provides an opportunity to sharpen ideas together and get a taste of the kind of 21st century left culture that we are building. The first one will launch in January 2020. Compas receive invitations with details about the program schedule and content and a link to submit an application. If you would like to know more about this compa study program and be notified when applications for the compa study opens, become a Compa today!
  • LeftRoots Strategy Labs
    LeftRoots member-led strategy labs are spaces were members practice conjunctural analysis, develop strategic hypothesis about what will advance the struggle for 21st century socialism, and test those ideas in practice, together. Starting in 2020, Compas can apply to join the Labs. Compas receive updates about the various Labs (which are generally 6-12 month experiments), and invitations to apply to participate in all or part of the Lab’s work. 
  • Compas Leading Organizations in the Movement
    LeftRoots seeks to strengthen the contributions of the social movement left to the project of winning 21st century socialism. Individuals can become members or Compas, but organizations have a role too. If you are rooted in a social movement organization that is interested in conversations or trainings about rebuilding the socialist Left, become a Compa and let us know you’re interested in a possible collaboration!
  • LeftRoots’ Library - Resources for Rebuilding the Left
    Through our internal training programs and activities, LeftRoots has a growing library of resources that we can now share with Compas only. The library is a curated compilation of political education materials and resources, including readings, videos - and even songs!

To be independent and powerful: Financing the Revolution

LeftRoots is not an IRS-sanctioned charitable operation, and receives no foundation grants. Our funds come directly from individual leftists – cadre members, Compas, and one-time donors. Every dollar we raise goes immediately into advancing our work, including:

  • LeftRoots’ in-person and online efforts to build a revolutionary national community based in oppressed and exploited sectors—a community with common language, shared experience, and unity of purpose;
  • the holistic development of LeftRoots cadres as emotionally intelligent, intellectually sharp, and politically literate revolutionaries;
  • LeftRoots’ work to develop a long-term strategy for 21st century socialist liberation; and
  • limited but full-time staff to implement LeftRoots’ national program.

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